What should someone new to the study of war, strategy, and intelligence be reading? (Part I)

There are plenty of great defense, strategy, and intelligence blogs written by professionals and well-known academics. As someone new to the field, I created this blog to help fellow novices wade into the world of war studies. And like any field of study, becoming familiar with the existing literature and ideas is vital to forming your own.

Part I of the Reading List for Newbies covers Blogs & Online News Sources. You can download all these feeds as an OPML file here, which can be imported into your favorite RSS reader. Click “subscribe” next to each category to get the feeds as a Google Reader bundle. The forthcoming Part II of the Reading List will cover books and periodicals.

(UPDATED 8/22/11: Added links to individual websites, plus links to a few sites I missed. h/t to Frances Arias and MilNews.ca for their suggestions.)

Essential Blogs & Online News Sources

Strategy (subscribe)

Intelligence (subscribe)

Military Blogs + News (subscribe)

Naval + Maritime (subscribe)

Regional (subscribe)

Commentary (subscribe)

Resources (subscribe)

Terrorism (subscribe)

Miscellaneous (subscribe)

  • War is Schlepan entertaining comic blog by a freshly-commissioned Army Lieutenant
  • Afghanistan Tour 2010not updated anymore, but it’s worth checking out the old posts

Other Useful Resources

Am I missing something? Sound off in the comments or email me about a blog or RSS feed I should be including.

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2 Responses

  1. F. Arias says:

    USNI Blog
    CDR Salamander


    Small Wars Journal
    Command Posts
    Doctrine Man
    On Violence
    The Long War Journal
    Military History Blog on the Web


    Sources and Methods
    Public Intelligence
    National Security Archive Blog (GWU)
    Analysis Intelligence

    Strategic Studies:



    Kings of War


    Latin America News Dispatch


    Carl Prine’s Line of Departure
    Michael Yon
    The Duck of Minerva

  2. MILNEWS.ca says:

    Great list, but a more suggested entries for you to consider:

    All Things Counterterrorism

    Ghosts of Alexander

    The Afghanistan Analyst (HUGE collection of links/resources)

    Security Scholar

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