For those seeking information about the MA War Studies program at King’s College London

Over the past few weeks, this blog has been getting quite a few hits from people seeking information about the MA War Studies program at King’s College London using keyword searches like “kcl war studies reputation” or “ma war studies kcl reputation.”

I’m still currently in the program, but I plan to write a detailed and candid post once I finish and receive my degree. In the meantime, I’d be happy to tell you about the university, some of the courses, the academic staff, and the Department of War Studies in general if you send me an email at I know very little about the undergraduate War Studies degree, and the PhD is a different beast altogether from the MA, but if you’re interested in either of those I can still give you some general insights.

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  1. Andy Fairnie says:

    I would be interested to hear if this course (or any other War Studies course) is available to external students as a correspondence course or similar?
    Thanks in advance,

  2. Shuyi Zhou says:

    Hey Robert, I’ve just started looking at graduate schools and came across King’s College’s War Studies Department. I studied International Relations in undergrad and am deciding if I want to continue to pursue IR in grad school or to go into something else (all the programs under the War Dept. look extremely enticing). What are you planning to do with your degree in War Studies? Is there a foreign language requirement? If not, would you have time to take them on top of your major classes? How large are your classes? How accessible are your professors? What’s the student life like there?

    I also saw your post about the Conflict Simulation class,which sounds ridiculously interesting. How was the end of that class?

    P.S. Your post for newbies to the war/intelligence field was great! I’ve just begun to explore the field, so the post will be extremely useful/educational!

  3. Alex He says:

    Dear Robert,

    I am a new graduate from MSc in International Relations of University of Bristol with a good upper second class, and I am now planning to apply a PHD program. I know KCL has been one of the strongest IR grad schools in UK therefore I am very interested in applying. I know you are a MA student, but since you are a student in the department, it will be highly appreciated if you can still give me some inside information about the PHD program: how competitive it is with regard to the entry acceptance? What kinds of GPA I should have in order to be accpeted? is 3.55/4.0 enough? What other qualities of the application will be preferred by the department? Any useful tips for the application?

    Thank you very much and I am looking forwar to your reply.


    Alex He

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