The cost of sea power, then and now

Infantry, cavalry, armor, and air power come and go in importance as technology and tactics change, but sea power is the perennial king of interstate warfare. So how much did ship-of-the-lines cost compared to modern aircraft carriers?

Green-on-green: a new development in insider attacks? 0

Green-on-green: a new development in insider attacks?

The past weekend saw two incidents of “green-on-green” violence between Afghan security forces, a different but closely related phenomenon to the green-on-blue attacks that have plagued ISAF forces this summer. The nature of each attack highlights the danger that insider attacks still pose.

A close-up of Fardh al-Qanoon 2

Fardh al-Qanoon displayed at Connections Wargaming Conference

I’m excited to report that my Baghdad counterinsurgency simulation, Fardh al-Qanoon was displayed at the Connections Wargaming Conference held at the National Defense University last week. While I was not an attendee, others had the chance to see the latest version of the game thanks to Dr. Peter Perla.

Iran ran tactical war games in early July 2012 (Photo credit: IRNA) 0

Iran & the Great Game: 2012 Edition

Far from being just the setting of the modern-day Great Game, Iran is an active player. Its recent war game exercises signal a desire to deter Israel and prove its regional power to its neighbors.