Smart War’s recommended feed bundles have been updated

A few months ago, I put together a list of recommended blogs and online news sources for someone new to the study of war & intelligence. Along with the list, I set up Google Reader bundles for each category so that you can subscribe to all the feeds at once. I’ve been more careful about curating my feeds in Google Reader than I have about updating the online list, but all of the feeds in the bundles have now been updated with my latest recommendations.
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In particular, the previously anemic World News bundle is a bit more robust, though still Middle East-centric. Keep in mind that the bundles are more up-to-date than the list on this website. I will get around to updating the page at some point, but for now I’ll just give the standard grad school/internship/work excuse.

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(You can see a full list of what blogs and websites are included in each bundle after clicking)

Also don’t forget to subscribe to this blog’s RSS feed while you’re at it. Some of Smart War’s feed bundles have more subscribers than this site itself! As always, leave a comment if you think I should add a feed to one of these bundles, particularly the Defense Technology and Regional Blogs categories, both of which could use some work.

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